The “red snake bet” for roulette players

rouletteThere are so many bets that roulette players are routinely using, that it is very difficult to keep track of all of them, but the “red snake bet” is bound to linger in memory. The reason has nothing to do with better than average returns, as you have the same chance of winning as if you were betting on any other 12 numbers. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the visual appeal, as the red snake bet is the result of wagering on red numbers only, in a “S” snake shape. If you want to take a concise look at snake bets, check out his link

Basically, you will be missing out on six a red numbers and the odds of winning will be the same as if you were to choose a dozen bet. Online and brick-and-mortar casinos have nothing against those who choose to bet on this pattern, because they know all too well that they don’t get an edge by doing so. The standard play involves betting the same amount on each number and area challenge consists in the fact that you need to wager on each of these 12 numbers before each spin.

This takes a while if you play at a live roulette, but over the Internet it is much easier to do it as you can use the re-bet function offered by most casinos. There are a couple of live casinos that provide players with the opportunity of placing a chip on the corner of number 34, which means that they bet an equal amount on all red numbers in the snake figure. It is pointless to try to determine who invented this wager, as there were probably many players attracted by the zigzag pattern.

It is only fair to assume that Chinese players hold this wager in high regard, as the color red is a symbol of prosperity in their culture, while the snake is an animal in their zodiac. There is no reason for players to stick to this bet, at least not if they try to get an edge over the house as it is the same at 2.70% when they play European roulette or 5.26% for those who choose American roulette.

The bet looks cool though and it can be a good conversation topic and if you are fast enough you should have the time to place the chips in order before each spin. The downside is that you risk investing a lot of money each time the wheel spins, so you will need a consistent bankroll.

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