The Pivot roulette system

The quest for finding the ultimate roulette strategy is never-ending, and as long as the game will be played in land-based and online casinos, players will keep searching for one. Over the course of time, several systems have popped up but so far no one figured it out a definitive way of beating the odds. The Pivot roulette system is not the answer that such players might be looking for, but it could provide them with a method of wagering that is simple and straightforward.

The idea is that the outcome of each spin is impossible to predict, and at least in theory all the numbers have exactly the same chance of having the ball landing on them. On the long run, all the numbers should hit the same time but on short-term, players we witness some numbers being extracted more often than others. This is why the Pivot roulette system request players to keep an open eye for numbers that repeat themselves before starting a sequence of their own. briefly explains the strategy and the conclusion drawn by the author is that this system is easy to follow by both rookies and veterans. They conclude that after a total of 36 spins, no more than 24-26 numbers are going to come up, which means that some will repeat themselves at least once. Players are advised to write down a couple of numbers that came up twice and use them as pivots for their own strategy.

Before each spin, they are expected to bet the same amount on the specific number while keeping themselves busy with even money bets. The reason for why these types of wagers are recommended is that they don’t involve a significant burden for the bankroll, and keep players entertained until the number finally emerges. What the player hopes is that he’s chosen number will appear sooner rather than later, with the worst-case scenario being for 36 spins to pass without a positive outcome.

The most significant gains are extracted when the ball lands on the pivot number after only a couple of spins, because in this manner you don’t get spent a lot of money on losing bets. Anyone who has played roulette before, will soon realize that this is not a foolproof strategy but it is not rocket science either, so it is worth giving it a try. Keep in mind that whenever you are betting on a single number, the variance might become an issue and lengthy losing streaks are a real threat.

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