Summer Madness promo to conclude at Cosmik Casino

Cosmik Casino has extended its popular Summer Madness promo and it will only come to a conclusion at the end of September. The promotion has begun almost one month ago and it already has hundreds of players involved, with a total of four rounds being scheduled. At the end of this long and twisted path, lies a lavish reward, with the winner being presented with an old paid trip to the Isle of Capri.roulettewinner

Just as the name suggests, the Summer Madness promotion will start with round one, which consists of cash prizes and free spins. The requirements for this initial step are extremely easy, because anyone who has a real money account and deposit an amount of at least €10 will get to compete for these prizes. These are awarded as soon as they make the deposit, so the lucky winners will get to play at higher limits, without taking the inherent risks.

As they advance to the second round of the promotion, players will receive even more free spins and will have a percentage of their losses refunded as a part of the cashback promotion. Even if you are on the right track you can get run over if you just sit there, so players should keep in mind that in order to reach the next stage, they need to make a deposit once a week.

The size of the cash prizes and the number of free spins increases as the second round comes to an end and Round 3 begins. Cosmik Casino will also refund losses at a higher percentage, which is great news for highrollers and those who don’t hesitate to play for a lot of cash. There are no limitations whatsoever regarding the type of games that members can play and they can choose between the downloadable content, instant play version and games that run on mobile devices.

At this point players can shift into more aggressive year, because by this time they should have a decent amount in their account. Round four is the one that will decide the names of those players who make it to the grand final, so those who are still in the race have good reasons to be satisfied with their performance. They are also going to enjoy the same advantages as regular VIP players do, so even if for just a little while, they are going to be delighted by this preferential treatment.

Only the best and luckiest players will make it to the Grand finale lottery, which is exactly what the name indicates. One of the survivors will have his name selected for the 4-day vacation to the island of Capri, but he won’t have to travel to this exquisite destination all by themselves. He gets to choose the traveling companion and is guaranteed to spend some quality time, with all the expenses being paid by Cosmik Casino.

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