Online roulette

Online roulette is not very different from real roulette, they only difference is that you play on a digital game with computer graphics instead of at a real roulette table. You have the same chance of winning alot of cash and the digital roulette wheels are all programmed so that it is luck or bad luck that will be vital for your bankroll. Online roulette is very popular over the whole world but especially in Europe and Scandinavia.

Online live roulette is the new thing

swedish online rouletteLive roulette is the hottest kind of online roulette available today. You get to play with real dealers that place your marks and spin the roulette wheel. This kind of roulette makes the game even more exciting and it really feels like the real thing. The fact that there often are beautiful girls in the webcam makes the game even more fun and exciting.

Online roulette in Scandinavia

Online roulette has become very popular in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden. Alot of Swedish casinos has popped up over the last few years and there are now a handful of great casinos that offer high quality roulette games. Learn more about roulette in Sweden and see the best Swedish casinos that are available. Some even offer great versions of live roulette and other tweaked roulette games.