Make June a risk free month with Paddy Power casino

There are two things that online casino players cherish above everything else, and these are money back campaigns and free spins. The latter are particularly appealing to those who play slot machines, which also makes them a bit restrictive and totally uninteresting to those who play roulette or table games. Paddy Power casino offers a fair share of free spins to its members, but in June they will focus mostly on returning a portion of the money lost to those who are less fortunate.roulettewinner

In order to start on the right foot, new members will have their initial deposit doubled up to 100%, which would become available immediately. Before operating a withdrawal, players will be asked to play through the combined amount of bonus and deposit several times. There are no limitations and players that choose to compete from smart phones will enjoy the same games as those who play from their PC.

Paddy Power casino is all about convenience and that’s why games are available in both instant and downloadable version. If you’re a big fan of money back campaigns, then you should know that in June losses will be offset for those who play mostly in the live casino section. This is a relatively new addition but already a very popular concept that has no shortage of enthusiastic players, so it is not exactly a surprise that they are the main beneficiaries of the new promo.

The first two days of the week are particularly profitable for those who have an account with this online casino, because a total of €2500 can be won. 20 distinct players will share an equal portion of the €1500 awarded on Monday and the winners will have their bankroll adjusted at the end of the day. Things get better on Tuesday, when the top 10 players will receive €100 each. Wednesday won’t make players rich, but will return 20% to those who finish below the profitability line, up to a total of €25.

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