Joseph Jagger and his roulette strategy

rouletteAll online casino players love highrollers, because in the back of their mind they hope that one day they will replicate their performance. There are so many successful players out there these days that it is downright impossible to find the best one and even choosing a role model can be difficult. Some people choose to go back in time to find someone worth talking about and as far as roulette players are concerned, Joseph Jagger is always a good subject for a conversation.

He was born in 1830 in England and worked as an engineer in a cotton factory for most of his life but his true passion was roulette. As a result, he invested a lot of time and energy in coming with a winning system and assumed that the odds can be beaten by taking advantage of what he called slight imperfections in the game. Back then, there was no better place to go to put your theories to the test than Monte Carlo, so he went straight to Beaux-Arts casino and started playing.

He didn’t travel alone and together with some friends he started watching the roulette wheels until he eventually came up with a sequence of numbers that apparently popped up much often. Once this conclusion was reached, Joseph Jagger started to play aggressively on those particular numbers and over the course of three days he won the impressive amount of £60,000. If we were to convert this amount to dollars at today’s value, the sum climbed above $6 million which is impressive to say the least.

No good thing lasts forever and it was only a matter of time until casino representatives realized that something was wrong and decided to switch the wheels. Unfortunately for Jagger he was not aware of this sudden move but he didn’t lose a lot of money before finding which was his favorite wheel. He started his routine all over again playing the same numbers and in the next two days he won a lot of money, which drove the casino owners crazy.

Their next move was more aggressive and this time they’ve made changes to the roulette wheel, so despite the fact that it was still biased, the ball landed more often on different sets of numbers. With nothing more to do, Joseph Jagger took his winnings and returned home where he invested a significant amount in real estate. While he failed to beat the roulette on long-term, he was smart enough not to squander all his profits and is one of the few who can honestly say that he made a lot of money playing roulette.

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