Bet365 extends its Slots Club promotions

Slot machines represent the vast majority of the games offered by online casinos and Bet365 makes no exception, despite the fact that they are geared mostly towards sports betting. As a bookmaker, it’s at some records that are virtually impossible to surpass but these guys have high expectations when it comes to casino games as well. Slots in particular have been at the top of the list and there is even a dedicated club for those who enjoy this genre, with members gaining access to various bonuses.Bet365 extends its Slots Club promotions

In rolling on this promotion is extremely easy, because there are cash prizes, tournaments and reimbursements awaiting those who participate. The celebrated Slots Club was set up in the last month of 2014 and it continues in 2015 as well, with more than 120 titles being added. In order to be eligible for a place here, players will have to set up a real money account if they don’t have one already and transfer €10 in the casino area or make a similar deposit.

Those who have spend some time with Bet365 know that the online gambling operator allows players to transfer funds easily and commission free. The qualifying deposit and the bets are not going to set you back financially, but it is important not to fund your account with a lower amount. It is easy to redeem the points for cash, but there is also the option of spending them on branded merchandise.

As stated above, some slot machines have progressive jackpots, which represent the focal point of attention for every players. These top payouts frequently exceed $1 million or currency equivalent and they tend to grow faster whenever a record is about to be set. Those who failed to claim the jackpot is still be eligible for lower tier prizes and in most cases, they represent a huge return on investment. Compared to traditional slot machines, these have the same wagering requirements and players only need to bet slightly more on each round to be eligible for the jackpot.

William Hill Casino boosts your first deposits

William Hill Casino has announced that it won’t leave the UK market, regardless of what decision the court will reach regarding the complaints issued by the online gambling group. For those who are not aware of these legal proceedings, it is worth mentioning that Gibraltar based companies who operate in the British Islands are vehemently opposing the tax. They took matters to court and they are now waiting on a judge to decide whether they 15% point of consumption tax is legal or not.

roulettewinIt is very likely that the judge will rule against them, so come November the new tax will be introduced and there will be very little avenues to pursue. Meanwhile, William Hill casino has already announced that it will comply with the new tax and will continue to serve UK residents. Those who live in Britain but also regular players who appreciate the nice selection of casino games, poker and sports betting, should check out

This is where they announce the next promotions and clarify the terms and conditions of existing campaigns. Basically anyone can qualify for the welcome bonus, so this is where people should start with when opening an account with these guys. Making the first eligible deposit will trigger the bonus and it goes without saying that those who invest more money will receive a bigger amount.

Wagering Requirements st Maximum Bonus Deposit/transfer Range Maximum Bonus
150% up to £200 £35-£999 £200
£500 High Roller players £1,000 £500

According to the table above, players will receive more or less, but there are certain limitations and those who deposit amounts exceeding those limits will still claim the maximum amount. Once this bonus is credited, players will have one week to meet the wagering requirements, which demand them to spin the combined amount through 35 times. At least in theory all games qualify, but the fact that they have different clearing rates, should be factored in by those who hope for speedy withdrawals.

Take scratch cards and slot machines for example which count for 100%, as compared to casino hold them, pai gow, blackjack, baccarat, video poker and craps who are cleared at a ratio of 20%. Make sure you don’t deposit in British Sterling pounds if you reside outside United Kingdom, Gibraltar or Isle of Man, because this will make you not eligible for the bonus.

Summer Madness promo to conclude at Cosmik Casino

Cosmik Casino has extended its popular Summer Madness promo and it will only come to a conclusion at the end of September. The promotion has begun almost one month ago and it already has hundreds of players involved, with a total of four rounds being scheduled. At the end of this long and twisted path, lies a lavish reward, with the winner being presented with an old paid trip to the Isle of Capri.roulettewinner

Just as the name suggests, the Summer Madness promotion will start with round one, which consists of cash prizes and free spins. The requirements for this initial step are extremely easy, because anyone who has a real money account and deposit an amount of at least €10 will get to compete for these prizes. These are awarded as soon as they make the deposit, so the lucky winners will get to play at higher limits, without taking the inherent risks.

As they advance to the second round of the promotion, players will receive even more free spins and will have a percentage of their losses refunded as a part of the cashback promotion. Even if you are on the right track you can get run over if you just sit there, so players should keep in mind that in order to reach the next stage, they need to make a deposit once a week.

The size of the cash prizes and the number of free spins increases as the second round comes to an end and Round 3 begins. Cosmik Casino will also refund losses at a higher percentage, which is great news for highrollers and those who don’t hesitate to play for a lot of cash. There are no limitations whatsoever regarding the type of games that members can play and they can choose between the downloadable content, instant play version and games that run on mobile devices.

At this point players can shift into more aggressive year, because by this time they should have a decent amount in their account. Round four is the one that will decide the names of those players who make it to the grand final, so those who are still in the race have good reasons to be satisfied with their performance. They are also going to enjoy the same advantages as regular VIP players do, so even if for just a little while, they are going to be delighted by this preferential treatment.

Only the best and luckiest players will make it to the Grand finale lottery, which is exactly what the name indicates. One of the survivors will have his name selected for the 4-day vacation to the island of Capri, but he won’t have to travel to this exquisite destination all by themselves. He gets to choose the traveling companion and is guaranteed to spend some quality time, with all the expenses being paid by Cosmik Casino.

Game, Set & Bonus campaign starts in August at Paddy Power

The beauty about tennis is that the season is never actually over and even when grand slam tournaments are on recess, there are plenty of smaller events for punters to wager on. Wimbledon has concluded, but the US open is just around the corner and meanwhile there are plenty of ATP and WTA tournaments worth betting on. Players are now competing on hard surface, which means that those who used to be dominant on clay and grass might have difficulties in adjusting to the new surface.roulette

From a punter’s perspective, this means that there are new opportunities to make money and better odds to take advantage of, as long as they are willing to invest time in research. Paddy Power is famous for its bookmaker service, but at the same time this online gambling operator has plenty of members affiliated to its casino division. As a result, the campaigns are targeted to a broad spectrum of players and quite often, members get to enjoy hybrid promotions.

The Game, Set & Bonus campaign is a shining example of how one can easily combine the thrills of online casino games with the adrenaline rush produced by sports betting. All members are eligible for this promotion and the ease of transferring funds from one account to the other without any fees and additional commissions, acts as an excellent incentive. Players are invited to check out this promotion, because there are reload cash bonuses to take advantage of and the wagering requirements are reasonable.

The more money they wager, the better the rewards, and there are very few game options that have been excluded from this campaign. One of them is the double up, so if you plan on meeting the wagering requirements quickly, steer clear of these wagers. It all depends on the type of game they prefer, with slot games being by far the most profitable ones, especially if time is of the essence.

Just to put things into perspective, learn that in order to release €50, players will have to play through €1500 on slot games and €65,000 on other titles. The discrepancy is huge and that’s why the vast majority of those who decide to take part in this promotion will benefit from playing slot games. Check out this table below to find the link between the game category and contribution made by each title:

Game Category Stake % Contribution
Slots (all varieties except those listed in alternative slots) 100%
Alternative Slots(Goblins Cave, Reels, Triple Profits, Tropic Reels & Ugga Bugga) 5%
Stravaganza 20%
Pai Gow (all varieties), Red Dog, Let It Ride 20%
Carribean Stud Poker 5%
Video Poker (all varieties) 5%
Roulette  (all varieties) 5%*
Leisure Games 5%
Craps (all varieties) 5%
Casino War 5%
Casino Hold’em (all varieties) 5%
Baccarat (all varieties) 5%
21 Duel, Blackjack & Multi-hand Blackjack 5%


Macau casino post strong numbers in Q2

The end of the World Cup 2014 couldn’t come too soon for land-based casino operators in Macau, who saw their revenue taking a dive in June. July started relatively slow and with two more weeks of football, highrollers and rich players decided to extend their stay in Brazil. It became obvious that the numbers predicted by pundits earlier this year would be contradicted by reality, with the revenue sinking to record lows for 2014.roulettewinner has ample coverage of how the profits shrunk in June and offers a convincing explanation. Immediately after the World Cup ended, the highrollers returned to Macau and the results can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, their contribution to the cause was so significant, that despite the slow start in July, overall the numbers are in line with the most optimistic expectations.

The Q2 results are slightly better than those of 2013, when there was no major sports event to distract players and lure them away. Online operators enjoyed a better streak during the World Cup, especially those who have diversified their activity and offer sports betting in addition to online casino games and poker. These guys usually have unified accounts which makes it possible for players to use the same resources to spin the roulette wheel, play blackjack or wager on football.

As the Macau gambling industry starts posting strong numbers once again, the 5.5% revenue rose compared to 2013 is impressive. These Asian casinos are far more lucrative than their Las Vegas counterparts and for three consecutive years, grew their revenue consistently. In 2014, they had to overcome some obstacles, such as the theft of nearly $1 billion stolen in junknet investor funds.

The Chinese lawmakers didn’t make it any easier for Macau casinos and as a result of excluding UnionPay debit cards as valid payment options, have alienated many of their customers. It is safe to assume that many of them will return sooner rather than later, as there are so many financial alternatives to choose from. VIP gamblers couldn’t care less about these sort of obstacles and as long as they can wager without limits in Macau, they are unlikely to trade these brick-and-mortar casinos for any others.

Make June a risk free month with Paddy Power casino

There are two things that online casino players cherish above everything else, and these are money back campaigns and free spins. The latter are particularly appealing to those who play slot machines, which also makes them a bit restrictive and totally uninteresting to those who play roulette or table games. Paddy Power casino offers a fair share of free spins to its members, but in June they will focus mostly on returning a portion of the money lost to those who are less fortunate.roulettewinner

In order to start on the right foot, new members will have their initial deposit doubled up to 100%, which would become available immediately. Before operating a withdrawal, players will be asked to play through the combined amount of bonus and deposit several times. There are no limitations and players that choose to compete from smart phones will enjoy the same games as those who play from their PC.

Paddy Power casino is all about convenience and that’s why games are available in both instant and downloadable version. If you’re a big fan of money back campaigns, then you should know that in June losses will be offset for those who play mostly in the live casino section. This is a relatively new addition but already a very popular concept that has no shortage of enthusiastic players, so it is not exactly a surprise that they are the main beneficiaries of the new promo.

The first two days of the week are particularly profitable for those who have an account with this online casino, because a total of €2500 can be won. 20 distinct players will share an equal portion of the €1500 awarded on Monday and the winners will have their bankroll adjusted at the end of the day. Things get better on Tuesday, when the top 10 players will receive €100 each. Wednesday won’t make players rich, but will return 20% to those who finish below the profitability line, up to a total of €25.

How to extract the most from matched deposit bonuses

Online casinos are big on first deposit bonuses and it is virtually impossible to open an account without receiving some sort of a freebie in return. There are many who hunt these bonuses and try to find which of them are more suitable to their objective and focus on the wagering requirements. Whether you choose to play roulette, bet on sports, play poker or bingo, these matched deposit bonuses will help you boost your bankroll from day one.

rouletteSearching for bonuses and opting in for one of them is not rocket science, but the idea is to know how to extract the most from them once they are credited to your account. There are a couple of things to do immediately after the money is awarded, but the preparations need to begin well before that. Depending on the game you choose to play, you will have to focus on those bonuses that can be cleared at that particular title.

There are many who commit the mistake of assuming that any game will do and simply opt in for the biggest bonus, only to find with disappointment that they are limited to a different title. Furthermore, if you want to maximize the deposit bonus, you will have to take slightly bigger chances and invest more money. Online casinos match the deposit by a percent, but these numbers tend to grow at the same pace as the amount invested.

Sometimes, online casinos allow players to make consecutive deposits and still be eligible for the bonuses, but this requires perfect timing and some sort of a strategy. If you are required to make one deposit, it is better to wait until you have all the money available instead of depositing small amounts. The idea is to start with a bigger bankroll, so you will be playing at higher stakes without taking the same risks. At the end of the day you should be free rolling as much as possible.

Think of first deposit bonuses as the icing on the cake, because sometimes the most generous rewards come in time. While some online casinos will try to get your business by matching the first deposit you make at a high percent, others will reward loyalty. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you have a coherent plan, so that you make an informed decision.

How to survive variance and volatility when playing roulette

rouletteThe game of roulette is straightforward and as long as you have a coherent strategy and game discipline, you should enjoy it and always revolve around breakeven value. In order to win big, you need to take higher chances and unless you have a bankroll capable of withstanding the inherent blows, you risk going bankrupt. That’s why it is essential to understand concepts such as expected value, volatility and variance and use them when crafting a functional strategy.

Those who are particularly good at math, can dwell on more complex strategies and will understand the aforementioned concepts better. Beginners and regular players don’t need to concern themselves too much with a mathematical approach, because a basic understanding is sufficient. Expected value is commonly referred to as EV and it stands for the amount that you can win or lose when you wager. The advantage with roulette is that all the bets that have the same stake will always have identical expected value.

Calculating EV is very easy but not particularly useful as you have very little control over what happens as you played by strict rules. On the other hand volatility and variance are important concepts that bear several similarities, referring to how often players are going to win. For example, those who regularly bet on color, even and odd numbers or columns, are more likely to win than those who wager on a single number. The return on investment is also different, so on the long run it all evens out and the house is supposed to win due to the proverbial house edge.

Understanding volatility doesn’t increase your chances to win, but it can help you when creating a strategy in accord with your bankroll. The idea is to take lower chance if you don’t have enough resources to wager, because players can stay unlucky far longer than they stay solvent. Low volatility games in general are preferred by beginners, while those with high variance are more suitable to highrollers and professionals. The good thing about roulette is that it is suitable for both categories, as it all depends on how far players are willing to go when taking chances.

An inspiring story for roulette players

rouletteThere are so many roulette players out there that claim that they have the recipe for success, that regular ones don’t know what to believe. For some odd reason they are still going to great lengths to promote and sell these strategies instead of using them to make money. This is why roulette players are less willing to listen to anyone who claims that he has an interesting roulette story to tell, even when it is based on his own experience.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring narratives is the one of Ashley Revell who did something that most people, including veteran roulette players would regard as a folly. Basically he tried all the strategies at lower stakes and when he realized that luck alone determines the outcome of this game, he took an entirely different approach. He sold everything he owned and amassed the cool amount of $135,000 which he wagered on a single hand.

He went to Las Vegas and started looking for a casino that would allow him to bet everything on one color and he finally found a host willing to satisfy his strange request. He had his mind set on betting it all on red and that is exactly what he did. After spinning for a few seconds on the wheel, the ball landed on number 7 red and this helped Ashley double his bankroll in an instant. It goes without saying that he took huge risks by committing his entire fortune on a spin of the wheel but luckily for him, it paid off.

Revell announced his intention many weeks in advance and he gained so much popularity that the entire adventure was documented on Sky One. There was enough interest from roulette players to keep the TV channel interested in the outcome and many people rooted for him when he put all his belongings on the line. His idea was simple, to start everything from scratch one way or the other and he wasn’t afraid that everything could go down the drain so he followed through with his plan.

There are not many players willing to do something like this and emotions definitely ran wild with Ashley and his friends, but it’s all well that ends well. He won a lot of money that day and proved to be generous with the dealers and those around him, but he says that he has no intention to do that again. The feeling of winning as well as the tension that preceded the spin are hard to describe by words, while the sheer size of the risk taken dwarfs those chances routinely taken by regular roulette players.

The “red snake bet” for roulette players

rouletteThere are so many bets that roulette players are routinely using, that it is very difficult to keep track of all of them, but the “red snake bet” is bound to linger in memory. The reason has nothing to do with better than average returns, as you have the same chance of winning as if you were betting on any other 12 numbers. What makes it stand out from the crowd is the visual appeal, as the red snake bet is the result of wagering on red numbers only, in a “S” snake shape. If you want to take a concise look at snake bets, check out his link

Basically, you will be missing out on six a red numbers and the odds of winning will be the same as if you were to choose a dozen bet. Online and brick-and-mortar casinos have nothing against those who choose to bet on this pattern, because they know all too well that they don’t get an edge by doing so. The standard play involves betting the same amount on each number and area challenge consists in the fact that you need to wager on each of these 12 numbers before each spin.

This takes a while if you play at a live roulette, but over the Internet it is much easier to do it as you can use the re-bet function offered by most casinos. There are a couple of live casinos that provide players with the opportunity of placing a chip on the corner of number 34, which means that they bet an equal amount on all red numbers in the snake figure. It is pointless to try to determine who invented this wager, as there were probably many players attracted by the zigzag pattern.

It is only fair to assume that Chinese players hold this wager in high regard, as the color red is a symbol of prosperity in their culture, while the snake is an animal in their zodiac. There is no reason for players to stick to this bet, at least not if they try to get an edge over the house as it is the same at 2.70% when they play European roulette or 5.26% for those who choose American roulette.

The bet looks cool though and it can be a good conversation topic and if you are fast enough you should have the time to place the chips in order before each spin. The downside is that you risk investing a lot of money each time the wheel spins, so you will need a consistent bankroll.