An inspiring story for roulette players

rouletteThere are so many roulette players out there that claim that they have the recipe for success, that regular ones don’t know what to believe. For some odd reason they are still going to great lengths to promote and sell these strategies instead of using them to make money. This is why roulette players are less willing to listen to anyone who claims that he has an interesting roulette story to tell, even when it is based on his own experience.

Perhaps one of the most inspiring narratives is the one of Ashley Revell who did something that most people, including veteran roulette players would regard as a folly. Basically he tried all the strategies at lower stakes and when he realized that luck alone determines the outcome of this game, he took an entirely different approach. He sold everything he owned and amassed the cool amount of $135,000 which he wagered on a single hand.

He went to Las Vegas and started looking for a casino that would allow him to bet everything on one color and he finally found a host willing to satisfy his strange request. He had his mind set on betting it all on red and that is exactly what he did. After spinning for a few seconds on the wheel, the ball landed on number 7 red and this helped Ashley double his bankroll in an instant. It goes without saying that he took huge risks by committing his entire fortune on a spin of the wheel but luckily for him, it paid off.

Revell announced his intention many weeks in advance and he gained so much popularity that the entire adventure was documented on Sky One. There was enough interest from roulette players to keep the TV channel interested in the outcome and many people rooted for him when he put all his belongings on the line. His idea was simple, to start everything from scratch one way or the other and he wasn’t afraid that everything could go down the drain so he followed through with his plan.

There are not many players willing to do something like this and emotions definitely ran wild with Ashley and his friends, but it’s all well that ends well. He won a lot of money that day and proved to be generous with the dealers and those around him, but he says that he has no intention to do that again. The feeling of winning as well as the tension that preceded the spin are hard to describe by words, while the sheer size of the risk taken dwarfs those chances routinely taken by regular roulette players.

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